Agency — October 3, 2022

Perks and benefits at Degordian

Tajana Jančec Human Resources Generalist

Degordian has always been known as a company that puts people first. Listening to our employees and their needs has always been our number one priority and one of the most important tasks for HR.

The proof that we mastered employee satisfaction is also our Stethoscope, a tool we developed with one mission: listening to the heart of our company — employees.
After years of using the Stethoscope for our own purposes, we have perfected the tool and decided to offer it to other companies that want to excel in employee experience!

In short, in Degordian, we regularly assess the company’s state of mind and acknowledge Degordian’s strengths and weaknesses. One of the important things we get from the Stethoscope survey is feedback and suggestions regarding company benefits.

We ask our employees what they think about current benefits and what benefits they would like us to introduce. It’s important that the Management and HR not make decisions about new benefits without asking for the opinion of employees. In other words, benefits should be custom-made and reflect what employees really want and need.

For example, if you decide to have yoga sessions, here are some possible unwanted scenarios:

  • Some people don’t want to workout in the office
  • People might prefer other sports more than yoga
  • People might have obligations before/after work, so they can’t easily organize the time to stay for yoga
  • People have to bring workout clothes to work and change clothes, so that might be a complication
  • Some people might be working remote, so this benefit for them is not a benefit
  • Not enough people are interested in yoga

All this may result in the company paying a lot for yoga, and people are not using this benefit.

This is just a figurative example of a benefit that some employees might not perceive as an actual benefit. The bottom line is: the first step should be exploring and questioning what people want to have as a benefit and questioning potential challenges that can occur with specific ideas. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to love and use every benefit the company provides, but it is vital not to have benefits no one will use.

Also, sometimes it is not possible to introduce every single benefit that employees want. We try to have as many categories of benefits as possible (something related to sports, something related to flexibility, etc.) so that everyone can find something for themselves.

Benefits have to be regularly revised and changed as the company itself changes. You need to think (and ask employees) about their priorities. For example, employees may benefit more from parental/family benefits as they get older than from company events. Of course, this does not mean that company events are unimportant and that we will stop having them; it just means that we need to be in touch with them regularly and add those benefits employees will see fit.

So, after this not-so-short introduction, read something more about the benefits we offer to our employees!

Work where and when you want

Flexible working hours — most Degordians start to work somewhere between 8 – 10 AM and work until 16 – 18 PM. (Yes, we prefer and encourage 8h work time, no overtime!) Of course, if you have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, feel free to work in the afternoon, or if you want to go to the gym in the middle of the day, finish the job afterward! The choice is yours — whether you’re an early bird or a night owl doesn’t matter, as long as the job is done!
No one will micromanage you or ask you at what time you started working — we trust our employees with their work time.
Flexible work location — people in Degordian choose whether they prefer working in the office, hybrid, or completely remote. Again, everything works, as long as the employee is happy with their choice and the job is done.
We have talked in great detail about our models of work location, so to avoid repeating ourselves, read about it in the blog.
Three extra days off for everyone in 2022 — for that additional extended weekend you dream of.

Enjoy the office

Cozy offices — open space offices with meeting rooms and focus-time options.
Top-notch equipment for work and relaxation (stage and karaoke microphone included).
Breakfast in the office.
The kitchen is always full of something to drink and snack: coffee, tea, juices, healthy snacks, fruits, and also something for those with a sweet tooth.
Full backup for you in your time of need (for example, mini home pharmacy, patches, period supplies, deodorants, etc.).
Table tennis in the lounge.
Dedicated work and chill areas.
Dog-friendly office — we love to have our furry friends visit.
“Life in Degordian” — we have a detailed base of information about the office, procedures, and everything you need to know during onboarding.


Grow and develop with Degordian

The key to success is open communication and continuous feedback.
Onboarding — first things first, we will not leave you hanging on those first days, weeks, and months.
Regular, two-way honest feedback — everyone has monthly Quality Time meets with their leads to discuss work but also to bond.
Career Development meets — structured two-way feedback with your manager to work on your career, development tasks, and professional growth.
Quality Time with CEO — anyone can schedule a meeting with our CEO and discuss any idea or ask any question they have been mulling over.
Me Time with HR — HR is always there when you need us! Consult with us about your job, professional growth, mental health, etc.
A platform for internal communication — we communicate via an internal social network channel where we chat and share important news, recipes, plant-survival tips, education recommendations, funny videos, and many more business or helpful everyday life things.
All Hands — monthly meeting of all Degordians where we present all the novelties that happened last month, with no filter
Everyone can publicly or anonymously suggest any great idea they think of — in their field of work or outside of it
Access to many e-learning platforms with something for everyone.

Take care of your health

Sick days — if you’re feeling under the weather, take some time to rest and heal without needing sick leave.
Health Insurance Packages — prevention is better than cure! We encourage you to take care of your health.
MultiSport Card — our employees in Croatia can activate and engage in multiple sports activities.


Company culture

You might say that company culture is not a benefit, but we proudly claim that in Degordian, it is something special (and the employees confirm!).
A friendly and supportive culture
A healthy and positive work environment — good interpersonal relationships are crucial to us.
Teambuildings — all of our offices get-together is a recipe for great fun and a ton of laughter.
Parties and events — Christmas party, company’s Birthday party, Back to the office party, movie watching, Game Night, Eurovision watching… you name it! We are always thinking ahead when it comes to hanging out or partying!
Sports activities — when we don’t party, we run, play table tennis, volleyball, basketball or badminton.
Team bonding budget — bond with your core team during brunch, beer, escape room, movies, theater… is the team’s choice.
No dress code culture

Be where you need to be on important days and milestones

Day off for the parent on their child’s first day of school.
Two (extra) days off for the parent on their child’s first day of kindergarten.
Paternity leave days.
Extra days for other occasions — getting married, blood donation, moving…
Winter break — every winter around the New Year, our people shut down their laptops and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year with their friends and family.

Some additional financial and non-financial benefits

Referral bonus — recommend someone you think would be a great fit for Degordian and earn some extra money.
Salary add-ons — something extra for those special days in the year.
Special occasion presents — we think about you during your milestone anniversaries in Degordian, when you get married, have a baby, get a diploma, come back from maternity leave, etc.

*disclaimer: not all our offices have the same equipment and rules; every office has its specific needs, wishes, and the freedom to organize extra events or arrange the office space as they wish – HR is here to be a support for anything we can help with. Also, we are Degordian One, and even though we try to have the same perks & benefits in every office, they may vary from office to office.

That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed reading and that our benefits will inspire other firms and employers to introduce some positive changes and even better benefits.