We are an
always curious

Making curiosity a priority

It's a trademark of all learners, and we believe there is no point in doing anything without it.

Our story

Our name is inspired by the Gordian knot and reflects our efforts in resolving business problems.

We are seriously curious about our work, and never, ever back away from a challenge.

To us, it’s not just about having a good idea; it’s about having the right one, one that works and creates value for our partners and us.

Awards & recognitions

Analyses have shown that these are 80% cellulose and 20% sweat and tears. Also, our CEO wants you to know we have more awards than pictured here.


Some of us like to exercise their muscles, some their minds and some the right to live their best sloth lives — all find like-minded supporters.

Startup in 24h. Born in 2013, this up-all-night initiative has the goal of building a brand new product in only 24 hours.

Active club.  This lively group welcomes all sports enthusiasts who together organize activities and motivate each other to just do it.

Innovation day. A couple of Saturdays a year we get together to try out new technologies and figure out ways to incorporate them into upcoming projects.


Meet our sister companies.

An independent venture builder that founds successful companies by combining great ideas with business expertise, capital and technical execution.

A media monitoring & analytics tool that notifies you in real time when someone mentions your brand, company, or competitors.