Agency — August 3, 2021

Becoming Degordian One - new organization setup

Daniel Ackermann CEO

Reorganization into Degordian One is the most extensive change in our company’s history. We’ve carried it on to provide more complex services, even better quality, and bigger scalability. Keep reading and find out what we did and how it works.

What was it like before Degordian One?

Degordian has offices in three countries; Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until the reorganization, every office was independent – with their own Country Manager, P&L, and business goals. Of course, we were still sharing knowledge and tried to work together as much as possible, but we weren’t completely connected through all our processes and units. 

We wanted to be united and really work together as one team; that’s why we’ve decided to switch to a new model – a model where we all work as one team organized in units and not in offices anymore.

It is not important to us from which location someone is working because, at the end of the day, we are all part of Degordian One – the big team working together to deliver the best possible outputs to our clients.

What was the problem with the old model?

The old model worked great initially, but we’ve started to see more and more hurdles over time. 

The thing is, our service offering was getting more and more complex, and it is already super challenging to develop services from scratch one time, let alone several times as we did it. 

You need to think about every aspect, from approach, knowledge, experience to talent, etc. Overall, it is a very complicated topic to tackle, and our old model didn’t make things easier for these changes. 

Some of the other challenges with the old model were:

  • Small offices: if we wanted to offer complex services, we needed a client base to start. But, if you’re offering niche services (as we do), some offices may not have enough suitable clients to implement them.
  • Disbalances: there were situations in which one office would have extra resources, but the other lacked them. Even though we’d try and compensate, it was pretty tricky due to specific differences.
  • Scalability: as we develop new and more complex services, it is harder to find specialized talent. Sometimes we couldn’t find a suitable fit in a whole country, especially if you consider our high selection requirements. On the other hand, by opening ourselves to other countries, this is now easier to achieve.
  • International expansion: since we are growing internationally and working in new markets and continents, our office approach was not good enough to support these requirements. 

How will Degordian One look like?

Instead of focusing on offices—like we did before—we are now focusing on units, which is basically our new organizational structure. 

We currently have four specific units:

For instance, instead of several Performance marketing teams working independently in separate offices, we now have one united Performance marketing team in a much bigger and stronger collaboration

(Degordian One – new organizational structure)

When we acquire a project, it doesn’t matter in whose market the client is located because the best team and the best person will take over. 

Also, there is a better chance for our people (from different offices) to work on a specific project. 

Likewise, when we are hiring, it’s no longer important where we are going to hire a new person; the only thing that matters is to find the best possible talent out there. That’s why we will have even more selection processes where we will search for people to work in any office or remotely

What are the benefits for the clients?

With every change that we implement in our business, we always have our clients in mind. Here are several benefits that this reorganization is bringing to them:

  • Top-notch quality: teams are larger and made out of people narrowly specialized in their fields, resulting in even better processes and leadership.
  • A much broader service mix is available in every market: all of our services are fully integrated and optimized for cooperation (not depending on location) to deliver the best possible results.
  • Guaranteed quality everywhere: wherever the project is based, the quality of output will be the same. 
  • Bigger talent pool: merging into Degordian One gave us better access to the talents on the market and enabled us with large-scale teams. 
  • Centralization of knowledge and experience: one of the greater benefits of this reorganization is the centralization of knowledge and experience. In the old setup, these novelties would usually be applied or shared in the specific office. While now, when we learn something new, we will more easily implement and share it everywhere, no matter the location.

Is anything changing for the clients?

No. This is an internal reorganization, and the external approach will stay the same. With even better quality, service mix, and scalability. In essence, we will remain the same – having that neverending curiosity, striving for the best partnership cooperation and projects where we will untie the most complex Gordian knots together.

What are the benefits for the employees?

Our employees will also benefit from this reorganization, so here are some of the perks

  • Greater options for personal and professional growth
  • Upgraded and more structuralized organization
  • More opportunities and flexibility
  • Possibility to work on many international projects
  • More international workforce & knowledge sharing

To sum things up

This reorganization is one of the most significant changes we’ve made in Degordian’s history. It empowered us to ensure faster growth of our complex services, develop new services quicker, and make our agency structure much better and more scalable. Thanks to those organizational changes, we are providing even higher quality service for our clients and can’t wait to show you the results of all that hard work.

If you have any questions regarding this reorganization, feel free to contact us.