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The secret to attracting top talent: a recruitment video


Outsource Insurance Professionals (OIP) is an international company specialized in providing administrative support in the field of insurance. The company’s headquarters are in Nevada, and it operates successfully in Serbia at 2 locations — in Belgrade and Niš and in India, in Hyderabad. Currently, they have more than 500 team members.
To demonstrate their work culture, OIP wanted to present the world with a special recruitment video that highlights what it’s like to work in their company. The challenge was set, and our task was to produce a video to showcase this unique environment.

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Before starting, it’s essential to know the company’s target audience, competitors, and the goal of the project: what you want your video to achieve. OIP services are based on data processing in the risk assessment process, which means collecting, understanding, and interpretating data in order to make a decision on risk acceptability. With this in mind, a great fit for OIP would be ambitious young people, fluent in English, who graduated from the University or with experience in administration.


The video project had two main objectives: external — to get quality job applications and new talents and to increase (employer) brand awareness, and internal — inclusion of current team members as brand ambassadors in employer branding activities, thereby strengthening the authenticity of the employer brand.

After defining the target group and main goals, it was time for location scouting, developing a concept and script for the video, as well as a detailed plan for the shooting day.

The stars of the video were no other than team members, since they have firsthand experience working at the company, they are the most authentic representation of the company’s culture and values.


The filming lasted for 2 days, and the OIP office in Niš was chosen as the filming location so that potential job candidates could get a real peek at the atmosphere and working environment itself. It was a great, fun experience for OIP’s teams, and if you want to know what it looks like behind the scenes, check out the blooper video.


Finally, it was time to edit the footage, add music/sound effects and motion graphic elements, and get the end result to our client. Given that the goal of the project is to achieve better brand awareness of the company itself, both OIP and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Since its launch, the video has been used on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), the OIP website and job advertisements. That way, when potential team members apply for the job, they already know what OIP culture and atmosphere are all about – leading to better applications and higher-quality hires.


And there’s no doubt about achieving the internal goal. OIP team members were very happy to take on the role of brand ambassadors and filming the recruitment video was a new, fun experience for them. By including them in this project, the video gained higher value — authenticity and transparency, which the rest of the OIP collective recognized, proudly sharing the video on their personal profiles on social media.

  • "We had great communication during this project, it was really easy for me to explain our needs and expectations, and the end result is more than satisfying. What I liked the most is the ease of communication and the speed things were done. "

    Damjan Markovic Marketing Strategist
  • "Our work with Degordian was great from day one. They understood the message we want to send and helped us communicate our values as an employer. The script they made was to the point and the filming crew did an amazing job, which resulted in two beautiful videos we are sharing everywhere proudly. "

    Outsource Insurance Professionals
  • "The team is great! They were very patient with all of us since we did not have any experience before related to shooting videos. Very professional and helpful. And the final product was amazing."

    Ljubica Milosavljevic Underwriting Assistant
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