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PSK is a leading betting and gaming operator from Croatia, part of Fortuna Entertainment Group. Due to the nature of the betting business, they faces various challenges in the segment of talent attraction, which meant that we needed to change a not so positive perception, especially among potential employees. Our main goal was to emphasize PSK as the entertainment and hospitality company specialized in sports and casinos and to present PSK‘s commitment to promoting the responsible consumption of their services. Moreover, we want to show that PSK is the employer who cares about its employees and nurtures the internal atmosphere adorned with family feelings and a friendly relationships.

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The best foundation of any employer branding strategy is an in-depth research phase. PSK has more than 800 employees all over Croatia, so we decided to transfer all workshops to a digital environment. Online workshops allowed us to get information from the key stakeholders: HR, marketing, and management representatives. Of course, the most valuable players of PSK are their retail employees, so we sent them an online form to collect as much information in as little time possible.


The data helped us paint a picture of the ultimate PSK persona. Their MVP, if you will.


Next step: defining the EVP pillars, aka what makes PSK unique as an employer and what their employees value in their everyday work.

A sense of belonging

PSK employees share a strong sense of belonging and are extremely attached to their colleagues. You can feel warmth and closeness the moment you join our team. We respect, help and appreciate each other, and our colleagues always have our backs. Why? Because we belong to the same team. We learn from each other, push ourselves and celebrate all our successes together. We grew into an impressive company within a larger group but still retained togetherness and a sense of social responsibility, because empathy and humanity are forever woven in our culture. In PSK, you don’t get only colleagues but also friends.



Each team member receives support from others but also the freedom to do what they are qualified for. That is why we look for colleagues who will diligently and responsibly perform their tasks and show initiative and a desire to learn. In addition to work responsibility, we also have a strong sense of responsibility to our community, which is why we promote a conscientious and moderate enjoyment of our services.



PSK is a large and strong company with a stable foundation and solid background. We provide our employees with financial stability that they and their families can count on, even in turbulent times. We provide security, but not stagnation, because each person gets opportunities for internal advancement within the organization.


PSK’s full name is Prva Sportska Kladionica, which translates to The First Sports Betting Office. In Croatia, betting is popular, but a bit frowned upon, so we put all our money on the most positive element of their claim: sport. It evokes friendship, commitment, and team spirit — precisely what PSK stands for. And on top of that, it allows us to use widely recognizable sports terms in a sport-loving Croatia.


The main employer branding slogan is “Igrajmo zajedno (Let’s play together”), with the rest of the messaging system also borrowing from popular sports terminology.


Different disciplines are played on different sport fields, and we can always recognize them by the specific lines marked on the ground. We made those lining systems the main graphic element, implicitly linking PSK to everything we associate with sports: team spirit, togetherness, dedication.


Nothing better than engaging employees to be at the front of your brand, so we organized a photoshoot with PSK employees to achieve authenticity and make them brand ambassadors. Once that was set and done, it was time to implement our ideas and bring the PSK employer branding story to life!

  • "Every step of collaboration with Degordian was a win-win and a time well spent. Degordian team has proven to be the ultimate professionals with timely delivery of whatever we would agree upon, and overall fun and pleasant people to be around. With the help of the developed employer branding it helped us define our identity as an employer, face both our weaknesses and strengths, and set the basis for recognizable and aligned communication in the future. We are especially proud that the great work done locally at PSK, was recognized by our Group headquarters in Prague and the Employer Branding communication have expanded to the entire Fortuna Entertainment Group."

    Jasenka Vučetić HR Specialist at PSK
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Employer Branding

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