Website redesign for NEXE

NEXE’s building

Client - NEXE Group

NEXE Group, leading regional manufacturer of building materials with 1700+ employees, wanted a new site with a more modern look that would be mobile-friendly, easy to update in-house and offer more content for potential customers to see.

  • Design & User Experience
  • Development
  • SEO Analytics

A concrete base for art direction

The brand’s design guidelines are the starting point of any
project, and a common source of creativity.

We were inspired by an element used in the NEXE logo and
decided to use it as a background add-on and around the
headlines to make them more prominent.


In addition to modernizing the web, the goal was also to structure information to make it easily accessible to the user. Due to the large number of pages that communicate information about the company itself, we decided that the best way was to introduce a mega menu where the user could easily access all sub-pages, without burdening the rest of the design.


Expert advice on demand

The role of the calculator is to allow users to get a better approximation of the required amount of material for their next roofing project. The user simply fills in the basic data and Nexe does all the heavy lifting, expertly calculating the volume of needed material in seconds.

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TV commercial

Witty TV commercials that elevate two laundry products' formula above the competition