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Violeta fabric softener and detergent

Client - Violeta

Coming from digital, we’ve had experience with making videos, but we’ve never had the chance to try creating THE ad, a TV commercial. As far as this client goes, it didn’t turn out to be a single experience, because they wanted two TV ads.

  • Content Production
  • Creative Concept
  • TV production

The brief was pretty straightforward — focus on the formula which contains scent-releasing molecules that react to touch. But with another competitor already claiming this feature, we concentrated on the fact that these fabric softeners were created with cooperation with French perfumers, and decided to give one a starring role.

When in doubt, always follow your nose

To emphasize the complexity and uniqueness of the scents, we created the character of Pierre, a posh French perfumer who can detect almost ANY smell. But can he, really?


Because each detergent is aimed to a certain type/color of clothes, we introduced Violeta laundry detergents as a stylist every woman can trust with her favourite clothes, be it a suit, delicate skirt or dearest sweater she loves to wear often.