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TV campaign for Međimursko pile

Chicken in the spotlight


Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but chicken seems to be quite open to changes. At least that’s what we hoped for when we got the brief from local chicken manufacturer Perutnina Ptuj – Pipo Čakovec, who needed to present their new and expanded Međimursko pile product range, previously found on store shelves under the brand name “Natur”.

  • Creative Concept
  • TV Production
  • OOH and Online Advertising

The clients’ requests were these: avoid the TV commercial cliche of a family of four sitting happily around the dinner table, show the full range of products, not just the whole chicken usually associated with Međimursko pile. highlight the origin of the chicken, reared on local farms in the Međimurje region. The juicy chicken got our creative juices going, and this is what we came up with:


The commercial shows that people cook and eat in various ways and in various line-ups. Sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner, sometimes without one but for one. It can take 20 minutes or the whole afternoon, it’s often messy and exciting, and... Well, sometimes we end up dropping our phones in the marinade (whoops). The situations and characters are those we can all identify with, and their cooking adventures involve different types of chicken products (breast, drumsticks, thighs, etc), highlighting the full range of the Međimursko pile brand, previously associated with whole chicken.