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Social media strategy

Building an online community to over 116K followers in a year

Client - Franck

We were asked to create a social media strategy for Franck, Croatia’s market leader in the coffee and tea category. As new formats and trends appear almost every day, the strategy had to be agile yet have solid key components.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Marketing Design
  • Video Production

We recognized that Franck’s target audience uses Facebook as a place for having fun and Instagram as a platform for browsing eye-catching visuals. To expand Franck’s online community, we had those types of behaviour in mind when creating content for each network.

Setting up KPIs

For Franck, we knew we wanted to grow our followers and engage with the community, so some of the most important KPIs were follower growth and engagement rate.

We often consult with our Digital Advertising Managers so that we know that our campaigns are set up in the best way possible to achieve our goals.

  • 115k Facebook fans
  • 62k Facebook interactions
  • 5.13m Facebook impressions
  • 6k Instagram followers
  • 35k Instagram interactions
  • 179k Instagram impressions