Animated YouTube sitcom

First Croatian animated sitcom for a snack company

Client - Adria Snack Company

Čipi Čips is a popular Croatian brand of potato chips. Wanting to upgrade their existing communication platform “100% Croatian potatoes”, the brand looked for a single creative narrative for all their social media channels that would appeal to younger generations and increase brand awareness.

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Deconstructing life in Croatia

Sometimes we get caught up in the negatives of life and can’t see the better side of things — for example, how much time and care we dedicate to family life. Of course, no family is perfect and each one has its unique quirks and charms, similar to the local potatoes that make up the delicious crisps.


In order to present everyday family life in a way that would appeal to GenZers, we gave the potato bunch a series called “Crompiranje”, the first animated Youtube sitcom of any Croatian brand.

Episodes on trips to the beach, first crushes and sibling feuds became a hit, and the comment section filled with one constant question: “so, when is the next one coming out?”.

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    IG reach 884k

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Social media strategy

Building an online community to over 116K followers in a year