Employer Branding for Addiko Bank

Bold strategy that embraces the bank's unconventionality


Addiko Bank wanted to improve their image as an employer and attract more people that fit both their culture and business needs. Their issue was that necessary experts from various backgrounds (IT experts, for example) still thought of bankers as uptight people in suits doing boring banking stuff in silence, which is far from the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at Addiko Bank. Our job was to challenge that notion and create an employer branding strategy that would rock the socks (and suits) off potential Addiko candidates.

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Think of it as going to the grocery store. Without looking at the fridge and making a shopping list, you’ll probably roam between the isles for too long, buy the stuff you don’t need, and forget what you came for. Similar to digging through your pantry before shopping, workshops are the preparation that gives you the basic information needed to build a successful employer branding strategy.


The Addiko Bank workshops had us talk face to face with the HR department, marketing department, managers, company leaders — all people with valuable insight into what makes Addiko Bank special and what their ideal candidates are like. And no, workshops are not meetings that could have been e-mails. Sure, there’s the off chance that you hit employer branding gold without a workshop, but just like a confusing grocery store trip, you’re more likely to end up with a bunch of turnips.


Our next step was creating the employee value proposition (EVP). Simply put, it’s a brief narrative explaining why a potential candidate should join Addiko Bank, and it serves as a basic building block of an employer brand. The Addiko Bank EVP explains their team’s basic values, behaviors, and characteristics: teamwork, an innovative mindset, the desire to not just be okay at everything, but to build the best products in their specific line of banking… See for yourself, because we put it in motion:

The ending result was an all-encompassing employer branding strategy document. It started with defined EB goals, which were followed by the EVP, EB slogan, and visual identity of the Addiko Bank employer brand. We wrapped it up with detailed instructions for communication on both internal and external platforms, designed to meet their defined objectives and improve candidate attraction, employee engagement and retention. The strategy was accompanied by a visual EB style guide, social media examples, website content, internal platform materials, recruitment e-mail templates… The complete package catered to Addiko Bank’s specific needs and places where they present themselves as an employer, both online and offline.

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