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Uncluttered app design to keep finances in check

Client - GAURUS.HR

F IQ is a mobile application made for monitoring, analyzing, and planning personal finances. By utilizing advanced algorithms—based on artificial intelligence and machine learning—F-IQ provides you with a simple, powerful, unique, and crystal clear insight into your financial health.

  • Branding
  • Design & User Experience
  • Copywriting

Setting clear application goals and defining users’ needs helped us build a logical path through the application and provide the best access to all F IQ features and financial insights.

We ended up creating a user-friendly and uncluttered flow that dynamically responds to user’s needs and preferences.


The dashboard shows an overview of the user’s financial health and F IQ index. It helps the user to quickly see whether he is on the right track or he has overspent.

The scale in the middle shows how much is spent and how much is left. It’s more personalized towards the users’ goals, clear on how much is too much with color indicators, progress bar & icons. Health status and ranking keep users motivated.

Basic user screens


Simple login with PIN & easy accounts managing


Short term pie chart & bar view of the current expenses


User profile editing & notifications preview


Short-term costs are divided into three major groups – Wants, Demands & Needs. Each group has its own categories that are represented with linear icons and highlighted in different colors.

The user has an option to choose a month or a specific period. Also, he can view detailed costs for every category, with an option to turn on the total cost-share view.


With F IQ Projections user gets an insight into his future costs and revenues – based on his financial situation’s intelligent prediction. He also can create scenarios and simulations to make rational decisions.

The biggest challenge here was to make intuitive and not too overcrowded screens that show all the information and editing options.

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