Agency — December 22, 2021

We are expanding all the way to the USA - Welcome to our New York office!


We are proud to announce that Degordian has opened its office in the US. We’re always trying to fly high, so we decided to fly all the way to New York! 

How did we decide to take this step?

Degordian has developed very successful partnerships and relations in the US during recent years. The US is one of the fastest-growing markets with massive potential for Degordian’s additional growth and development.

Digital transformation and growth are hot topics in the US, and as in Europe, there is a significant lack of knowledge, talent and agencies to meet the enormous needs. Degordian, on the other hand, has a strong, stable and experienced team ready to help. 

We have always been proud of keeping up with trends, following market needs, and not giving up despite obstacles.

When we were formed in 2009, it was the worst recession. Companies were laying off, and there was a lot of negativity and overall depression. It was the worst time to start a business, but we decided to take a shot and defied it. We constantly hired, won the Best Employer awards, and expanded internationally. Since then, we have always tried to push our boundaries and inspire others – and opening the NYC office is a great example. This is a big step for us, a brave step, but definitely, a new page of our book that will open up a lot more opportunities for us,” Ackermann said.

(Swany Velázquez and Daniel Ackermann)

Facts about Degordian: 

  • This is the 4th Degordian office and the first outside of Europe.
  • We are six times “Best Employer” award recipients by anonymous employees’ survey that indicates employees’ satisfaction and happiness. 
  • Degordian was elected as one of Deloitte’s 50 fastest-growing companies in the CEE region.
  • Degordian has 120 employees independently and 250 employees combined with our sister companies. 

Our team can deliver complex digital projects — all the way from web & app development, performance marketing services, creativity & design, e-commerce, brand communication to employer branding. We are super confident that we can compete with top NYC agencies and strengthen our international position.

Apart from the number of people and the range of services, our work culture is what we are proud of the most. Not to praise, but we are six times “Best Employer” award recipients by anonymous employee’s survey that indicates employee’s satisfaction and happiness. It’s a significant recognition since we constantly strive to provide a comfortable and motivating workplace.

It also allows us to have excellent access to talents, an exceptionally qualified, skilled, and motivated team, and a stronger set of services. Due to all the above, we can deliver top-quality solutions at any time.

What do we plan to do in the Big Apple?

Our goal is to build a client and partnership network in New York and the USA in general. We plan to deliver projects from our hubs in SE Europe and gradually grow the NYC team. We already have a top team of experts and are confident that they can build and implement the highest quality and most complex global projects.

The US market is the most developed digital market with the largest companies and complex projects. New York itself is the center of the digital world, and we want to be a part of it. 

A powerful leader at the head of a New York office

The head of the New York office and executive director for the North American market will be Swany Velázquez, a digital expert with years of experience in digital and management roles. 

I’ve been following Degordian for several years. I’ve always been fascinated by Degordian’s culture, talent, team, and quality. As much as I’ve been in the US market for years, I don’t know when I last saw something like that. I think Degordian has enormous potential in the US. I am very much looking forward to new beginnings. What has been done in Europe, we want to repeat in NYC,” said Velázquez.

Swany will give us the extra wind at our back in sales and mark the zero point for expanding into the US market.  We wish her a warm welcome and can’t wait to start our new chapter together! 

If you need additional information regarding our new office, feel free to contact us at, and we’ll gladly answer you.