Concepts & Communication — April 21, 2015

A marketing campaign that will last for 100 years

Maja Bilić & Ivan Brozović Project Manager & Account Manager

Marketing campaign that will last for 100 years?

That’s exactly what we did in cooperation with partner agencies, to mark our client’s milestone and strengthen its position on the market.

The last few years were very difficult for the financial sector in Croatia. Nationwide economic crisis, problems with bank loans and all-in-all reserved communication has brought people’s trust towards banks down to a very low level. People lost their confidence in banks.

During this difficult period, Zagrebačka bank achieved a big milestone – 100 years of existence. To mark this amazing achievement, the company invited Bruketa&Žinić OM (creative agency), MediaCom (media buying agency) and Degordian (digital agency) to create something special.

The idea was – let’s create a campaign that will last for another 100 years!

First – raise the awareness

The first goal was to make the broad public aware that Zagrebačka bank was there for 100 years and that it helped society grow during the entire period. The solution we came up with was a presentational website that would showcase all of the projects Zagrebačka bank worked on since its founding.

We created a digital interactive timeline on the ZABA 100 years website and users can easily scroll through interesting stories and get to know the bank’s history.


By using innovative technologies, such as HTML 5, JavaScript animations and css3 we achieved the main purpose of this campaign phase – attracting users to explore the whole 100 year-long timeline of Zagrebačka bank’s tradition. We created special icons to visualize each period of the bank’s history and used parallax effects to highlight the special years.

Build the campaign around the main idea

Zagrebačka bank created a physical time-vault under the main square of the Croatian capital Zagreb and invited people to store something special in it for the next 100 years and leave it to their descendants.

The main goal was to show them that the bank will continue to save their values even after another 100 years. Also, it was important to make storing people’s dearest objects as easy as possible.

The bank signed a contract with every person who wanted to store their object in the time-vault so that their descendants will get it back in a 100 years time. Great promise, and a great responsibility. And guess what, you didn’t have to be bank’s client to do just that – everyone could store their valuables. ☺

There were two ways of storing an object inside the time-vault:

  • physical
  • digital

Basically, you could just go inside any Zagrebačka bank’s branch and leave your object, that would be stored in a special box with a certificate guaranteeing that it will survive for 100 years.

Let users generate website content

As a digital agency, to us, the online part of the campaign was even more fun. We have created a Time Vault micro-website through which users could upload their favorite photos. Zagrebačka bank would then print out and store the photos into the vault. To make that promise official, Zagrebačka bank sent a signed contract to everyone who submitted their photo.

The website was easy-to-use and responsive and offered users a simple way to store their photos for the next generations. Users had the same flow as in the physical Time Vault, but with one important difference — on the website, we displayed a gallery of stored digital and physical objects so other users could browse through memories and get inspiration for their own valuables.


Working for a client in the financial sector requires a special dose of care regarding sensitive information security. That’s why we made our Time vault infrastructure extra safe by creating a complete system with 3 levels of permissions for an item to enter the Time Vault.

Since we displayed their memories in plain sight on the website, it was important to make sure that users’ sensitive personal information wouldn’t be available. That’s why the photos were public, but only with a name and a city displayed on it for easier browsing.

After the campaign, users stored 3417 photos and appurtenant contracts along with safely stored user data that was handed over to the client.

Campaign results

The campaign was activated on April 15th, 2014 and the Time Vault was sealed on September 9th, 2014.


The results were amazing. Zagrebačka bank confirmed that it’s a brand that supports and helps people create memorable life moments. Besides that, with its promise to keep objects stored for 100 years, Zagrebačka bank will definitely make our grandchildren happy one day.

Also, as a result of the campaign 22% of non-clients said they wanted to start doing business with the bank while 39% of existing clients said they wanted to expand their business. Those facts confirm the renewed strength of Zagrebačka bank’s brand.


Bronze Effie Award
MIXX award — direct response and lead generation category
Ideja X — best integrated campaign category
Ideja X — Grand Prix

In the end hard work brings great results. These awards confirm that the whole process (that lasted for almost 4 months) resulted in a great campaign and satisfied client and partners.

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