Agency — July 11, 2024

Introducing Boiler: our 360 creative agency!

Daniel Ackermann CEO

Over the past 15 years, we have been known as an agency with a strong focus on digital marketing. However, we are making a significant leap toward traditional marketing, blending digital and traditional into a 360-degree approach to communication.

You may remember that, following our business growth and development, we adjusted our repositioning on the market, followed by a strategic decision to spin off all our units into specialized agencies—our subbrands. Two of our units, Builtt and Enstring, got their own branding and positioning on the market.


Boiler – a new 360 creative agency on the market

Today, we are launching Boiler, another specialized agency in our portfolio. 

Boiler is a 360-creative agency developed from our Brand Communication unit. It represents an evolution, introducing a range of traditional marketing services to complement Degordian’s digital offerings. Boiler positions itself at the intersection of these two worlds, fully integrating solutions and offering clients comprehensive creative services with maximum ROI.

To strengthen its traditional capabilities and leadership, we are bringing in seasoned industry professionals Tomislav Presečki and Saša Ivan to Boiler. Tomislav and Saša both have 25+ years of experience in the creative industry and are coming from leadership roles in McCann Croatia. 

Starting today, Boiler will have a team of 25 industry experts, consisting of digital marketers with 15 years of experience and “traditional” marketers with over 25 years of experience. Boiler will offer top-notch services in the following areas: creative, content, design, and digital.

Daniel Ackermann, Degordian CEO, explained: 

“Degordian’s vision has always been to provide the highest quality and value to our clients through specialized units. To achieve this more effectively, we are spinning off units into specialized agencies. This has led to the success of Builtt, Enstring, and now, Boiler. This is not just a spin-off but a significant merger of Degordian’s Brand Communication unit with a strong traditional communication team. I strongly believe in this venture and am excited to see it make a substantial impact on the communication market.”

Integration in its core

Clients often find themselves juggling multiple agencies to ensure high quality, visibility, and results. This complexity can become overwhelming. Boiler addresses this issue by offering a hybrid portfolio of services, digital and traditional, reducing the client’s workload by providing all marketing activities under one roof. This consolidation enhances efficiency, improves output quality, and boosts business results.


New leadership

The above-mentioned new team is well-known in the regional market and brings extensive traditional marketing knowledge and long-standing agency management experience to Boiler.

Tomislav Presečki, the new CEO of Boiler, has 25 years of experience in top Croatian agencies like Digitel, BBDO, and McCann, as well as client-side experience. With over a decade in leadership roles, he has worked with major clients, including Croatian Telecom, EPH, RBA, and Mastercard.

Saša Ivan, now Boiler’s Client Services Director, has over 20 years of experience in the media and agencies, including NovaTV, and 18 years at McCann, working with brands like Coca-Cola, Ledo, Jana, Mastercard, RBA, Franck, and Ford. 


Boiling ambition

Together with Ana Marija Malić, the former director of Degordian’s Brand Communication unit, the team is uniquely positioned to shake the communication industry and set the hottest trends in the region. The team is super motivated and ambitious and plans to bring the most progressive creative approach to their clients and leave a mark in the industry.

Meet Boiler up close by visiting their website, and follow them on social media for hot marketing projects here: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.