Employer branding

Employer branding strategy for sky-high quality of hires


Croatia Control is a Croatian state company whose main job is to guide airplanes through all flight phases, focusing on air traffic safety, regularity, and efficiency. As you can imagine, the highest level of air control safety is a demanding job that requires a lot out of the people executing it, but provides much in return.

Our task here was to find out Croatia Control’s strengths they should communicate to wider audiences, and weaknesses on which they should work on to become an even better employer.

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  • Creative Strategy
  • Copywriting

To kick-off our employer branding discovery phase we had to conduct several employee focus groups in the most fascinating work space we have ever been in. Focus groups are great means to gather as much information as possible in a timespan that does not take too much from people’s working hours. Focus groups were held inside the premises of Croatia Control where we could get the first hand experience of their work surroundings, a bit of their culture, and a gasp of their everyday work.

Sky Pillars

As Croatia Control employees work every day to protect the soaring skies, Croatia Control is working even harder to provide great things in return for their hard work. Through our process, we have defined 3 main pillars that are the key for the safe sky above us.

Creative Story

While creating the whole creative concept we wanted to focus on two main points – the entire story of Croatia Control revolving around the sky above us and Croatia Control being a place to be if you are willing to protect the sky, citizens, passengers, and flight crew. With the further development of the creative concept, the concept itself merged with the slogan into one employer branding claim – Your Place in the Sun (in Croatian, the phrase is “Your Place Under the Sky” – fitting, isn’t it?).

Voice mapping

After the definition of the employer branding claim, we have mapped the tone of voice of Croatia Control, giving the entire brand a guideline on how to communicate. Voice mapping is a personification of a brand where the brand itself gets its own voice and consistency in expression.

Art Direction

The art direction of the Croatia Control employer brand is designed to aim for the target group to recognize and notice it, and to further differentiate Croatia Control as an employer from other companies on the market. The idea of ​​the art concept was to firmly connect it with the main slogan – Your Place in the Sun. As the main element, we use a blue gradient background, which is a symbol of the sky. The accompanying visuals are soothing. The entire art direction is clean and calm, just as the controllers must be calm and focused to perform their work well.

Fly High

To safely launch a successful employer branding strategy you need to communicate it internally as step 0, and then spread the message around the globe! We came up and designed both internal and external materials needed for great employer brand communication.