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Client - Nexi Croatia

Nexi Croatia is part of the Nexi Group — the European PayTech leader. Although Nexi Group is well known in Italy, in the Croatian market, Nexi is yet to be proven as a payment processing provider for the Croatian medium, small and micro businesses. That would mean gaining the trust and confidence of a new market is essential, but also creating brand and product awareness by presenting the benefits of Nexi products and services with the key pillars: payments are easy, simple, and innovative.

  • Digital advertising
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM

SoftPOS — Easy way to pay

With the goal of improving the payment processing market in Croatia in the next five years, Nexi launched its very first product in the Croatian market — the PBZ Card SoftPOS application. This innovative app enables convenient payments by transforming Android Smart devices into POS terminals. This way, the portable POS device fits into pockets, allowing customers to make payments on stop by scanning their card, smartphone, or smartwatch. It is a helpful solution for businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses.

The main challenge was introducing Nexi to the Croatian market and clarifying the relationship between Nexi and the previously acquired PBZ Card. We wanted to bring awareness not only to Nexi but also to SoftPOS as a product. Aligning visuals and copy to effectively communicate the product's essence is not always a straightforward process. PBZ Card SoftPOS is a product we wanted to bring closer to small businesses such as seasonal workers, craftsmen, beauty salons, accommodation renters, and any business that is looking for flexible ways of payment.

Strategy is the key

Managing any client requires a detailed strategy plan, a pivotal element for success. We believe it should always be the very first step and foundation of any project. It all starts with a well-prepared workshop where we aim to get the most important information from the client. We follow that up with a detailed research where we define the target market, competition, products, users and clients. Our strategy focused on digital advertising, content marketing, SEO, marketing automation and CRM.

We determined that paid campaigns on Google, Meta, and LinkedIn would be an ideal channel for the introduction of Nexi and PBZ Card SoftPOS. We estimated that a multiple-channel approach is what will bring various potential clients to Nexi. One of the key ideas was to create a short video that shows how to use PBZ Card SoftPOS which we used as an ad and posted on across social media channels.

With a strong creative comes great success

Firstly, we put a special focus on the production of creative materials. Other than the video, we designed materials for flyers and leaflets, and took photos of board members. To better present Nexi to the local market, we also created a special landing page for the campaign. And with that, we kickstarted monthly Meta and Google campaigns and continued to regularly create and post content on social media channels.

SEO as the cornerstone of a successful strategy

We then focused on fine-tuning every web page for better rankings by suggesting necessary improvements. We worked on technical and on-site SEO tweaks that led to significant boosts in search engine rankings. Each month, we proposed and crafted two optimized materials, targeting key subjects identified through keyword research. This way, we decided to cover the most important subjects in the search engine based on keyword research. We closely tracked the success of the campaign and relied on data to plan future activities.

To further help Nexi in their business operations, we will help setup and onboard them to HubSpot. Being a HubSpot partner makes us proud — as it has proven to be a tool that fuels our clients' growth.