Digital advertising

Driving sales growth through digital advertising

Client - N SPORT

N Sport is one of the largest distributors of sports and fashion brands, with a large presence of over 100 retail stores across Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is well-known for its three main multi-brand retail concepts: N Sport, N Fashion, and N Selection.


We were tasked with enhancing their paid performance with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. By leveraging a strategic combination of Google Search Network (GSN) campaigns, dynamic ads, Google Display Network (GDN), and Catalog Meta ads for remarketing, we aimed to elevate brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to the client’s e-commerce platform.

  • Digital advertising
  • Google search network
  • Google display network
  • Meta ads
Client-Centric approach

At the core of N Sport’s strategy lies a commitment to fully understanding and meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. Aiming for top-tier customer satisfaction, N Sport has created a loyal customer base that values the personalized attention and tailored experiences offered by the brand.


We wanted to share that approach through digital presence as well. To ensure precise categorization and a strategic approach to improving results, we implemented a custom-made dashboard — centralized document which tracks all relevant success metrics regarding our campaigns and ads. This enabled us to group brands differently, incorporate machine learning optimizations, adjust budget allocations, expand volume on GSN, and conduct daily campaign and ad optimizations.

Connecting products with their ideal customers

To make sure the right products were showcased to those who were looking for them, we used GSN campaigns and dynamic ads. On top of that, we employed GDN and Catalog Meta ads for remarketing, targeting users who had previously interacted with the brand. Finally, we used YouTube, GDN, and Meta platforms to run awareness and traffic campaigns to help to boost brand visibility and engagement.


Throughout the year, we managed over 140 campaigns for N Sport, N Fashion, and Lacoste brands, alongside creating and monitoring 2500+ ads. 


With budget increase of only 4.41%, our efforts yielded impressive results. The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) reached an 23.54, signifying that for every 1 euro invested in advertising, 23.54 euros in revenue were generated.

  • 101.47%

    Total revenue increase (YoY)

  • 61.66%

    Conversion rate growth

  • 91.95%

    Increase in the number of transactions

  • 18.73%

    Sessions increased by

  • 19.04%

    Average session duration increase


Our strategic digital advertising tactics led to significant sales growth and improved performance for our client. With a substantial increase in revenue, enhanced conversion metrics, and an impressive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), our approach proved highly effective. Moving forward, we’re dedicated to delivering ongoing success and impactful results for our client’s advertising endeavors.