Product development

From idea to
MVP in 3


Markets are flushed with the buzz around the Great Resignation, the Big Quit, and talks about HR and lack of talent. For companies, attracting employees is more challenging than ever, and retaining them is even more important. The 1st step in employee satisfaction is employee satisfaction/engagement data. Stethoscope’s vision is to become the most sophisticated employee satisfaction/engagement tool on the market. To become Google analytics for company health with real-time super rich visual data. The task was to create MVP with a super limited budget and test the idea & assumptions.

  • Design & user experience
  • Product development
  • Web development
  • Demand generation

Companies want to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention but don’t know how.


The first challenge was creating an extremely easy UX/UI survey system in which employees would want to participate. The second challenge was to structure gigantic data sets in an easy and informative system, and the third was to produce MVP with minimal resources and test it.


Our goals were to create a product MVP with minimal resources in the shortest possible time, test the product assumptions, validate the idea with the first customers and generate feedback for the subsequent iterations.

Extremely easy survey system

These days, employees are flushed with workloads and huge expectations with little to no time availability. The survey system was designed with this in mind — the easiest, quick and simple user interface.


Essential employee insights

Get a complete understanding of your employee satisfaction and engagement insights. Stethoscope offers easy-to-use but very advanced, rich visual reports.


Website with a budget of 100 hours

Because of the goal of building MVP and testing, the website budget was only 100 hours. Therefore, website output was centered around simplicity and testing the product assumptions.


Initial demand generation

The tool was unknown, and the budget was very limited. Due to the short-term goal and limited budget, the initial tactics were to experiment with PR messages and an initial outreach campaign.


“This is genius. A company from Zagreb has developed a tool that measures how happy people are at work.”

  • 20+

    PR mentions

  • 50+

    client inquiries

  • 200+

    client presentations

  • 1st

    unicorn client