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Employer Branding

Knowing who you are as an employer is a key factor in helping your organization grow. With our help, you can better understand your company’s image and build it in a way that will draw in the right talent and make them want to stay.

The competition for top talent is now harder than ever. Even before the selection stage, the people you want to attract already have an image of you. Building that image beforehand is what employer branding is all about — defining who you are as an employer and telling it to the world.

Step by Step

Our Employer Branding services start when your company needs it, whether that be phase one, two, or three. And in case you don’t know anything about Employer Branding but want to find out, we also offer lectures and discovery workshops on Employer Branding.

Employee satisfaction & Engagement Survey

If you want to know who you are as an employer, you need to ask those with first-hand experience — the company employees. This survey provides your management with a clear understanding of your direction and know-how of how satisfied your employees are.

Careers Page

A place where candidates take the first steps in their candidate journey with your company. The careers page is the ultimate platform that displays all your currently open positions alongside your company culture and values. 

Creative Strategy

Guidelines and definition of how to communicate your employer brand both externally and internally.

Employee Value Proposition creation

EVP is the balance of rewards and benefits that a company can offer its employees, in return for their amazing performance within the workplace.

Job Ads

Provides job seekers with the information and stories they need to make an informed judgment about their fit with your organization. It should inspire potential candidates to apply for a job and become part of your team


Creation of a new, exciting, and unique visual representation of your employer brand that aligns with your corporate brand. Visual employer brand comes to life in a form of job ads, internal posters, external billboards, and much more!

Culture Video

Company culture video is a powerful tool that allows you to present your company’s culture, values, beliefs, benefits, and show “the soul” of the company, so you can easily attract fresh talent.

Recruitment Video

Show your potential candidates what the position you are recruiting for is all about! Give them first-hand information — from the employees who have been doing that job for a while, their mentors, and managers.

Social Media

A perfect place for your inbound recruiting efforts! It implies the creation of a Social Media plan, but why stop there? Social Media also greatly helps with turning your employees into your employer brand ambassadors.


Reach your target audiences with success stories of your company, highlight your projects or just put a spotlight on your team or an individual employee! 

Onboarding Process

First impressions do matter, and so does your onboarding process. We’ll help you define and execute all the activities you need for your new employees to feel welcomed, well-informed, and like the stars they are.

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