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With our user-centric approach and advanced UX/UI methodologies, we’ll make you amazing-looking and responsive web platforms that can grow your business and evolve your users’ experience.

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We believe good design lies at the intersection of user and client needs. That's why we apply user-centered design — an iterative process in which designers focus on the user at every design stage. At the same time, we pay close attention to the needs and goals of our clients and their business. For us, design is not only an artistic discipline but also a tool for solving both user and client problems.

High, low fidelity wireframing

Getting the right information structure within the page and connecting that page with others is one of the most difficult and demanding phases. It is also a crucial step in our process.

The whole communication strategy is set on the blueprint website — a foundation for achieving user and client goals. In this phase, other teams (content, SEO, developers) and, of course, the client are mostly involved. Together, we’re working out the best communication within and between the pages, setting the right message, defining interactions, and good CTAs.

workshop - strategy

We organize a daily workshop with clients to better understand their business, their business needs, and the needs of their target group. The workshop consists of a set of questions we use to set clear, measurable goals and draw the website's structure, possible user flow, and wireframes. If we're redesigning an existing website, we'll include an SEO specialist and a Google analyst before the workshop to get the best possible insight into what the target group is doing. The workshop outputs are strategy, user flow, and a site map. We base the strategy on well-defined goals, target groups, and business needs, and we believe that brand values ​​and target group needs are equally important for a good website. You can see a part of the output in the image below.

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