Employer Branding — April 27, 2023

Why it is important to have an amazing careers page

Nikolina Horvat Subašić Client Services Director

A well-designed careers page is the most effective tool for building and maintaining a company’s employer brand. No other employment platform offers the same breadth of information, customizability, or potential for traffic growth.

Most job seekers feel that a well-designed careers page on an employer’s website is a useful tool while looking for work. When it comes to promoting your employer brand, the most important thing to remember is to provide job seekers with the information and stories they need to make an informed judgment about their fit with your organization.

What is a careers page? 

A careers page, also known as a careers site, is a section on your website dedicated to presenting job openings and showcasing your employer brand. It could be a single landing page, a microsite, or a combination of a website and a job board.

It should be focused on telling potential employees who you are, your company values, why your employees enjoy working there, and what benefits new employees will receive. Your careers page messaging and content serve as the first point of contact for potential employees, and they’ll use it to decide whether or not to apply.

In addition to employer branding content, careers pages contain open positions, either directly on the page or via a link to a third-party platform. 

Careers pages and employer branding

Before we get into why having an amazing careers page is important, let’s take a step back and talk about how you can incorporate your employer branding identity into your messaging. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, and your employer brand will most certainly evolve over time.

In general, here are some common techniques for showcasing an employer brand on a careers page: 

  • Make your careers page’s messaging consistent with your company’s identity. Your employer branding and company branding should resemble each other in many ways. All brand messages should reflect the values that you hold as an organization, and you should use them as a guide for how to present yourself to job seekers. This will also ensure that your company isn’t telling two contradictory stories.
  • Tell your story using a variety of media. Not all stories are appropriate for all forms of media. Consider what kind of content you present to visitors, how you present it, and what medium you want to use. Employee value proposition messaging, for example, is usually suited to the text. On the other hand, employee testimonials required a more personal feel, so it is better to go with the video. 
  • Have ideal candidates in mind. This doesn’t mean that you need to speak to every ideal candidate for every job opening you have. But, it does mean that you need to establish what characteristics you’re looking for in all employees. Once you have defined this, it will be easier to write or create content that speaks to those characteristics.
  • Define who you are. Establish who you are and who you are not as an employer. This will help keep your messaging clear and focused on what you’re trying to achieve and offer to your potential candidates. 

Your careers page communicates your employer brand. You have the opportunity to tell your story appealingly and excitingly and put your employee value proposition in the right light.

careers page is a digital id of your company as an employer

Why it is important to have an amazing careers page? 

As mentioned earlier, a well-designed careers page can help your company stand out in the recruiting process. The following are the top eight benefits of having your careers page for employer branding:

  • Simplification of the hiring process 

A careers page reduces your complex way of hiring and makes it much easier for you to showcase your job requirements on your website. New job advertisements and changes in the company description appear immediately. 

  • Reduce time and cost of hiring

Your careers page saves candidates and your HR team time in the recruiting process, as it can answer all important questions of potential candidates in advance. Also, you don’t have to calculate and spend on various job consultancy firms to hire the right candidate.

  • Increase the profitability of your company 

A careers page builds great trust in your client’s mind. Your clients start thinking that you are growing at a fast pace, which obviously you are! Clients tend to give more business to the companies they have faith in, which might be very helpful for the growth of your organization.

  • Brand image improvement

The industry’s top talent can be extremely selective about their job preferences. The careers page of a company might have a significant impact on their decision. An active careers page portrays a trustworthy brand image, which leads to viewer retention. You also get the opportunity to hire top talent who visits your website in search of work.

  • Future Possibilities

Consider both the short and long-term goals. Those who visit your company’s careers website may or may not be looking for a job. However, they may learn something new about your business or get more information that will encourage them to come back when they are looking for a job.

  • People will be able to find you more easier 

The careers page should be SEO optimized to attract the audience you want to target – this could be highly beneficial to your company. Let search engines find you. The careers page increases the company’s online visibility and drives traffic to your site.

  • Wherever you are, communicate

The careers page is a good place to show where you are currently present – you can implement a calendar of events. This is particularly interesting if you as an employer are represented at career days or recruiting fairs or hold your own recruiting events. Use your career page as a platform to inform your target group about upcoming events – optionally also via e-mail notification.

  • Provide content with added value.

The careers page offers you diverse and dynamic content options: from blog entries to videos, podcasts, images, and the integration of social media channels, everything is possible. Offer your candidates varied, entertaining content with added value. This will give them a good insight into your company and your employer brand and promote the early bonding of new employees to your company. Use the opportunity to generate enthusiasm through your career website as an employer branding measure.

Your careers page is a powerful employer branding tool – make your careers page your business card as an employer.

When you have defined your complete Employer Branding strategy (EVP, slogan, messaging, visual identity) it is easy to design and develop an outstanding careers page that will be unique, authentic, and represent who you really are. Continue to explore new opportunities for improving it, measure your efforts, and keep it fresh!

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas for designing or improving your careers page. If you’d like to create an amazing careers page with all of the above-mentioned features or you simply want to talk about it, feel free to contact us