Agency — May 26, 2020

What to do with your social media content: a guide for brands during the coronavirus outbreak

Lucija Potočnik Head of Creative

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought up some interesting concerns regarding brands and their presence in the online world. If you’re wondering what it takes to successfully navigate brand social media during a pandemic, take a look at our guide and find out!

Since we’re still spending most of our time indoors and social distancing from each other, it’s safe to say that the “times of corona” aren’t completely behind us. Besides working remotely and doing chores around the house, people from around the world are also spending more and more of their time on (what else!) social media platforms.

Although authorities are easing measures and restrictions in many countries in the world, including Croatia, it’s still recommended to stay alert and act responsibly. That also includes those in the world of marketing — both clients and agencies.

So, in order to help you and your brand manoeuvre through this whole situation, this blog will address one important issue: what and how should brands post on their social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides this writeup, there will also be an accompanying booklet at the end of the text that can serve you as a more in-depth guide with practical advice, so make sure to download and check that out as well!

Should brands keep on posting new content or not?

Brands are currently faced with an important dilemma: should they even post anything on their social media profiles during a global pandemic? The answer is, in short, yes.

The situation is quite unpredictable, still a bit unclear and it’s difficult to know how long it will last, so users are turning to social media networks for fun, support, advice, and information during this period. In this specific case, a brand should take on the role of their users’ partner, giving them vital information and services that can help improve their quality of life during the quarantine.

The idea that users are spending more time on social media is backed by data from various sources. According to numbers from Socialbakers, “fans of Facebook Brand pages in Europe spent more time online on every single day of the last couple of weeks”. Compared to the data from February, the user activity in April increased by 16.1% (the highest activity being recorded around 8 PM, with increased activity on Saturdays and Sundays).

Business 2 community also presented similar data, which shows an increase in the use of TikTok, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn and podcasts. The website also reported a shift in the nature of people’s activities on Facebook and Instagram — they used the platforms more interactively and communicated more with other users (examples: challenges, increased use of the live video format, more webinars, and similar activities).

Considering there was increased user activity, but also a drop in ad prices caused by the pandemic, it’s no wonder that there was a 28.6% increase from mid-March to mid-April in paid reach of brands who were active on Facebook.

Should brands communicate with fans and in what way?

If a brand is already posting content, then it’s only natural that it also actively communicates with fans. Community management and attention to the tone of voice are of key importance for brands in this period.

Coldness and sarcasm aren’t really appropriate in the present situation, whereas showing empathy, understanding, positivity, or even tasteful humor goes a long way and helps reach audiences.

But the thing that’s more important and precisely what your brand should continually try to improve on is actively listening to your audience. What they think, say, need, and want can serve as the basis for creating amazing content for social media platforms of a brand.

So, what exactly do users need right now?

  • Accurate, verified and reliable information
  • Customer service and support
  • Distraction and lighthearted, fun content
  • The feeling of solidarity, togetherness, and positivity.

Now is the right time to build or maintain an active and engaging 1 on 1 relationship with your users, so that in time you have a stable and loyal community built around your brand.

However, besides customers and users of your services, you shouldn’t forget about internal teams. For better coordination and quality of community management, it’s good to prepare brand communication guidelines, a FAQ, and other reliable sources of information that can help them communicate with fans on social media.

Social media content booklet

For more detailed advice and practical recommendations on how, what and how often to post content on your brand’s social media pages during the pandemic, download this social media booklet — and good luck using it. 🙂