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Agency — October 31, 2017

Life of a Community Management Intern

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Marta Zemljić Community Management Intern

Is the role of a Community Management Intern suitable for you? Find out in this blog!

You have probably heard about the Community Management Internship opportunity at Degordian. If you think that interns just run around making coffee and copying documents, you don’t have to worry, our CEO Tomislav basically banned paper. Jokes aside, Community Management Interns are a vital part of Degordian’s Social Media Marketing team and we work with some of the biggest and most influential domestic and international brands.

There is no need to emphasize the overwhelming impact of social media in modern marketing, so being in the front row of the digital marketing scene at the agency that won many awards for best social media strategies is not too shabby.

The role of a Community Management Intern

Social media is like word of mouth on steroids, and it can make or break a brand. Our job is not only to get the users to pay attention, engage and relate to a brand but also to tell the brand’s story through compelling social media content.

Each intern in our team has a couple of social media plans they write for clients on a weekly or a monthly basis. This consists of writing and planning actual posts for specific social media channels, but we are not only writing actual posts, we are also in charge of giving directions for the creation of the visuals, GIFs or videos that will accompany said post. A lot of times, we also participate in photo shootings for social media visuals. The whole office would make Tyra Banks proud as we all sometimes take on the role of part-time models.

Apart from that, one of the most important aspects of our job is managing and replying to all incoming communication from fans on clients’ social media profiles. This means monitoring and replying to all messages, comments, tweets and wall posts a brand receives throughout the day. The purpose of that is not only to provide advanced customer support but to also be a voice of a brand and to interact with the target audience by building credibility and trust among them.

In addition to creating social media plans and managing communication with the fans, we have daily tasks and trust me, they are everything except boring. Apart from writing, preparing and publishing social media posts outside of our usual social media plans, we take part in creating monthly social media reports and ad campaigns, we help other interns and photographers capture the perfect visual and we also participate in brainstormings for new strategies or pitches for potential clients.

Our job is all about playing around with ideas and getting creative in delivering brand messages. In order to do so successfully, we must always track what is trending online, what are certain demographics into and how to implement it into the social media strategies for our clients.
This may sound challenging, but honestly, it is the best part. Our team loves sharing social media wins or fails among ourselves which, apart from being very entertaining, also raises awareness on certain issues, educates us and inspires.

As flexibility is important to all students, all interns plan their shifts one week ahead. This way, you can maintain your work-student life balance and adjust your working hours to your college obligations. We work in three shifts during the week and two during the weekend. Shifts from 9 AM to 5 PM are done from the office, while the ones from 5 PM to 8:30 PM and weekend shifts are done from home. The minimum week quota is 20 hours per intern, but if you have any obligations or a trip that will keep you out of the office for a couple of days, don’t panic— just tell us on time and we will figure something out!

What’s in it for you?

Social Media Management requires a certain amount of potential, enthusiasm, and motivation, so if you possess that, Degordian is the perfect place to express it.

Continuous education is one of Degordian’s values, so each intern has their own mentor, participates in weekly educations and has a chance to work with our Human Resource team on their own personal development. You are not expected to know everything right away since it is a learning process. This is your introduction to the world of marketing, so you have the freedom to learn, grow and contribute with your fresh perspectives, skills, and ideas.

What makes Degordian internship different than others is the equality that is given to all the participants during brainstormings, other creative processes and research projects. You are not only paid for the work you do but also respected for the amount of creativity, enthusiasm, and effort you put into it. Intern’s opinions and arguments will always be taken into account, just like those from any full-time employee. Got an idea on how to improve something within the office or a maybe for new social media campaign? The Degordian team will always be happy to hear your ideas, examine them and work on them with you.

The team

One of the best parts of working at Degordian is the people. There are currently 7 interns and 6 full-time employees in the Social Media Marketing team. What really connects everyone in our team is the love for the work we do and devotedness to cheesy jokes and bad puns.

During our typical day in the office, we spend our breaks singing along to all kinds of music — from Britney and Calvin Harris to Kendrick Lamar and Petar Grašo. Making jokes, pranking each other and sharing food is the core of our team members. Although we have nothing but love and respect for each other, you better make sure to lock your laptop since our office is notorious for group e-mail pranks. 😉

Unlike other workplaces, we actually like staying after work in the office, as casual hangouts or spontaneous parties are a recurring event and they never fail to amaze. Degordians are always up for karaoke, pub quizzes or regular ol’ dance parties with drinks and pizza. Love for food and parties truly bring the whole office together. #WorldPeace

If you are looking for an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and need a challenge, this is it. So go on and write your application, we are waiting for you.